Keeping Pets Safe While Swimming

With the rising summer temperatures, swimming is a popular way for you and your furry companion to cool down. However, not all pets, even if they are called “dogs,” know how to swim. Therefore, it’s important to take certain precautions to keep your four-legged friend safe. Here are five tips to ensure your pet’s safety while swimming.

#1: Please provide drinking water that is fresh.

To prevent your pet from drinking chemical-laden or contaminated water, make sure to offer them plenty of fresh water to drink before and after swimming. This is especially important because if your thirsty pet enters the pool or another body of water, they are more likely to drink the water from there.

#2: It is recommended that you put a life vest on your pet.

Make sure your pet wears a life vest if they will be in deep water instead of relying on their swimming abilities. It’s a good idea to try on the vest beforehand, so your pet can get used to it before going in the water.

#3: Always supervise your pet when they are in water.

Make sure to closely monitor your furry friend while they are swimming, as they can become frightened if left alone in the water.

#4: Please demonstrate to your pet how to exit the pool.

It’s important to make sure that your pet is able to get out of your pool safely if they accidentally fall in while you’re away. To do this, make sure you provide a set of sturdy stairs for your pet to use and teach them how to climb out of the pool using the stairs.

#5: After your pet swims, ensure to rinse them off.

After your pet goes for a swim in a pool or lake, chemicals, pathogens, as well as dirt and debris can get stuck in their thick fur. To avoid your pet grooming these contaminants off their body, it’s important to rinse their fur completely after they swim.

If your pet is near a body of water and doesn’t know how to swim, accidents can occur. In case of a water-related emergency with your furry friend this summer, reach out to our team for assistance.